About Me

About me

Hello there, friends! Olivia is my name. Jack, my sweetheart, and I are married. We have two attractive young men in our family. You can find me shopping, spending time with family and friends, or traveling when I’m not blogging. Take advantage of your free time!

Olivia Finds began in 2021 as a Fashion and Lifestyle Blog with the goal of encouraging people to try out new trends. Olivia Finds’ purpose is to help others feel their best and spread love. It’s a place where I express my passion for fashion, announce a bargain you won’t want to miss, and, most importantly, inspire others.

You’ll see that the majority of the items I’m showing are under $30. I enjoy shopping sales and strive to include them in all of my posts. I’ll post more pricey “investment pieces” from time to time that will last you from season to season. I adore designer handbags as much as I adore a good bargain. I put in a lot of effort to save and invest in these things, and my modest collection is my guilty pleasure. Isn’t it true that life is all about finding the correct balance?


XOXO, Olivia